Big Data

NGA joins SpaceNet satellite imagery initiative

The geospatial agency will take part in the effort to provide a huge trove of commercial satellite imagery to the public for free.

DARPA invites next wave of EW, sensor tech

The Pentagon's research arm is looking for new way to manage the spectrum and tactical sensors that can analyze information as it comes in.

In-Q-Tel buying into data analytics

The CIA's venture fund steps up its investments in data visualization and real-time analytics.

Internet of Things security: Five 'Things' to consider

IoT-related operating systems are just part of an increasingly complex ecosystem that also includes devices, cloud providers, data and more.

Image analysis research targets photo fakery

DARPA funds university research to use machine learning to analyze massive troves of images to spot doctored photos.

Quantum computing center upgrades to focus on AI

A USC-Lockheed Martin computing center doubles qubit capacity for artificial intelligence and optimization applications.

IARPA wants intel tools that can predict the future

IARPA is interested in proposals ranging four broad topics – anticipatory intelligence, analysis, operations and collection – to better integrate intelligence.

Pentagon research chief: AI is powerful but has critical limitations

DARPA director Arati Prabhakar cautioned against artificial intelligence as a panacea to problems that still need a human element.

DARPA looks to tap social media, big data to probe the causes of social unrest

The Next Generation Social Science program seeks to harness digital connections to identify "the primary drivers of social cooperation, instability and resilience."

IARPA wants to improve human/machine forecasting

The agency's Hybrid Forecasting Competition is intended to improve how humans and computers interact on geopolitical and geoeconomic analysis.

For the Air Force, big data analytics in ISR is a team sport

The service’s Jon Kimminau lays out the challenges of increasing collection and improving analysis in a time of tight budgets.

For the military, the Internet of Things isn't about 'things'

It's all about culture and organization, not technical issues, retired Gen. James Cartwright said during a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Mind-reading computer could boost ISR image analysis

Researchers in ARL's MIND Lab use an EEG to let a user communicate with a computer with thoughts alone.

Survey: IT hurdles hinder big data adoption

A survey by Unisys finds that federal managers believe in big data and analytics but are concerned about a lack of IT infrastructure to support it.

IC embraces open source intel, even if it is double-edged

Members of the Intelligence Community, academia and industry are making use of social media and other open source intelligence, because terrorist groups do the same.

Air Force wants to meld humans and machines for ISR analysis

AFRL hires researchers to find ways to bring humans into the analytics loop via cognitive systems.

ARL scientist zooms in on a better way to search confiscated images

A new interface for DARPA's Visual Media Reasoning system spares Intelligence Community analysts a lot of time and frustration.