Battlespace IT

Naval Postgraduate School tests 5G maritime solutions

Research with AT&T’s 5G networking and edge computing capabilities will support 5G-focused experiments incorporating artificial intelligence, data analytics, the internet of things, machine learning, robotics and smart base solutions.

How the Air Force is tackling electronic warfare challenges

The Air Force is on high alert when it comes to electromagnetic spectrum threats. But extensive system updates pose a risk.

Tracking physical responses, target accuracy to enhance combat marksmanship

The Office of Naval Research is testing whether technology can help it spot dips in warfighters’ performance or lethality.

Can JADC2 fly without budget reform?

Tim Grayson, the director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Strategic Technology Office, said there's a risk that "monolithic platforms get replaced with monolithic architectures."

Army tests network security, cyber tools in war games

Army officials said the Joint Warfighting Assessment exercise demonstrated that while the Army was able to create and share data across a multi-partner environment in a multi-partner network, the constructed virtual environment had its limitations.

Army modernization under scrutiny amid planned budget cuts

Lawmakers worry the Army's modernization efforts could be undermined by a flat budget proposal for fiscal 2022.

Accelerating information availability to support mission-critical decisions

Because of the scalable design, object stores can hold almost endless amounts of data for long periods of time whether collecting performance and maintenance data from a jet fighter or planning logistics for materiel distribution.

Democratizing AI for DOD: Seizing a competitive advantage

The U.S. and its allies must do more to build an AI-capable workforce and transform the Defense Department’s culture to embrace artificial intelligence.

Air Force seeks 'ubiquitous connectivity' from telework to bases

Lauren Knausenberger, the Air Force's CIO, said since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the service had increased focus on telework and improving base connectivity.

JADC2 needs to be Pentagon's 'big bet,' Flournoy says

Michèle Flournoy, former undersecretary of defense for policy, said Joint All Domain Command and Control "needs to be one of the big bets that the Pentagon places" if it wants to be prepared for the future of warfare.

Does DOD have the leadership it needs on spectrum?

Joseph Kirschbaum, the director of defense capabilities and management, for the Government Accountability Office, told Congress that having leadership buy-in is the difference between a successful strategy and a failed one.

4 steps to turn CMMC compliance into a competitive advantage

Gap assessments, remediation and ongoing compliance efforts can accelerate a company’s strategy to meet Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification requirements.

Army takes a look at spectrum on the battlefield

Managing electromagnetic spectrum will become increasingly important as the Army pushes for large-scale operations across domains.

How cross-domain technologies are central to JADC2 success

Expanded with commercial technology, cross-domain solutions will play a crucial role in detecting threats as our military advantage on the world stage faces increasingly tough competition.

What to look for in DOD's coming spectrum strategy

Interoperability, integration and JADC2 are likely to figure into an updated electromagnetic spectrum strategy expected soon from the Department of Defense.

Air Force seeks proof of concept in latest JADC2 experiment

The Air Force's "internet of things" also known as the Advanced Battle Management System is headed into a massive experiment to iron out the complexities of data-fueled warfare.

Marines pilot 5G in ‘living lab’ at Miramar

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar will test the technology for energy communications, connected vehicles, drones and perimeter security.