Authentication or Identity Management

DOD trying behavioral analytics as a way to thwart insider threats

The defense and intelligence communities want to get inside the heads of those who would leak sensitive documents.

Will OPM hack affect DOD's use of fingerprints for authentication?

The theft of 1.1 million fingerprints raises a host of questions.

Army opens its training network to non-CAC access

Soldiers can now log in with only a username and password, which opens up access to smartphones and tablets.

Preventing a minor, insider accident from becoming a security catastrophe

Accidental cyber attacks caused by well-meaning insiders can be the most damaging, so agencies should not overlook these effective steps at prevention, Chris LaPoint writes.

DOD approves new mobile security credentials

PIV-I credentials from Operational Research Consultants could allow limited access for more than 40 million DOD partners worldwide.

Can derived credentials replace CACs? What you need to know

The need for them is real, but there are still a few details to be worked out, say Intel Corp.'s Kevin Fiftal and Steve Taylor.

DISA approves AWS GovCloud for higher security levels

The company’s cloud service has achieved provisional authorization to operate at levels 3 and 5 of the DOD Cloud Security Model, AWS said.

MDA wants to upgrade anti-counterfeiting plant DNA process

Applied DNA Sciences uses botanical DNA to provide authentication and protect the DOD supply chain from bogus electronics.

DOD’s biometric terrorist ID upgrade ready for another close-up

Version 1.2 of ABIS, which proved lacking in tests last year, passes one round of tests and moves on to the next stage.

DOD aims to make smart ID cards even smarter

CACs and PIV cards with increased security could be used as transit or credit cards.

Biometrics for access control is knocking on the door

After a 90-day Army pilot program, provost marshal general concludes: “This is the future.”

Enemy ID: How DOD uses biodata in the field

Next-Generation ABIS uses fingerprint, palm, iris and facial scans to keep track of potential adversaries abroad.

The key to securing mobile assets within DOD

Multilayer authentication and multiplatform interoperability is essential, Precise Biometrics’ Jeff Scott says.

DOD to require documentation for lost, stolen ID cards

Department will soon make mandatory what has been an optional policy for replacing Common Access Cards.

AFRL’s plan to make smartphones, tablets more secure

The lab announces a four-year program to explore internal CAC authentication, expanded biometrics, near field communications and other innovative steps.

Cloud security specialists merge

HyTrust acquires HighCloud Security and its encryption software.

Cybersecurity in the era of controls

A new movement in security is taking hold based on continuous monitoring of critical security controls.