DOD issues 5 'data decrees'

Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks issued a memo detailing DOD's five "data decrees," establishing rules for creating and managing data as an enterprise resource and strategic asset.

USAF primed to launch new phase of data strategy

Eileen Vidrine, the Air Force's chief data officer, talks about department's priorities are, how they've changed this year and how the Defense Department's data strategy ties it all together.

Solving the Army's data talent problem

The Army needs to develop specific skill sets and retool or retrain existing workforce, said Mark Gorak, the director of people analytics for the Assistant Secretary of the Army Manpower and Reserve Affairs.

Pentagon releases long-awaited data strategy

The Defense Department's new data strategy takes on ethics, governance and data standards.

NGA tackles workforce, data challenges

Mark Munsell, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s CTO, talks about talent shortages and how the agency is working to get more unclassified data.

What DOD's data scientists are discovering

Recruiting top analytical talent into government is tough, the Pentagon's top management officer says, but the payoffs can be big.

Navy ships on track to get predictive maintenance

The Pentagon's innovation arm looks to expand predictive maintenance technology to Navy ships.

DIA digs into analytics

The Defense Intelligence Agency hopes to start building Machine-Assisted Analytic Rapid-Repository System in fiscal 2020 to help re-engineer its data environment.

Data analytics will fuel the future of military readiness

As DOD modernizes, making better use of its vast data stores is essential.

Can AI put DOD's dormant data to work?

The Pentagon is sitting on a hoard of data but doesn't know what to do with it. A new report makes the case that artificial intelligence is the solution.

NGA joins SpaceNet satellite imagery initiative

The geospatial agency will take part in the effort to provide a huge trove of commercial satellite imagery to the public for free.

DARPA invites next wave of EW, sensor tech

The Pentagon's research arm is looking for new way to manage the spectrum and tactical sensors that can analyze information as it comes in.

In-Q-Tel buying into data analytics

The CIA's venture fund steps up its investments in data visualization and real-time analytics.

Image analysis research targets photo fakery

DARPA funds university research to use machine learning to analyze massive troves of images to spot doctored photos.

Quantum computing center upgrades to focus on AI

A USC-Lockheed Martin computing center doubles qubit capacity for artificial intelligence and optimization applications.

Cyber Challenge targets Internet of Things security

DARPA looks to demonstrate automated cybersecurity during an all-machine hackathon.

IARPA wants intel tools that can predict the future

IARPA is interested in proposals ranging four broad topics – anticipatory intelligence, analysis, operations and collection – to better integrate intelligence.