2012 Budget

Obama signs defense bill despite concerns over provisions

The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act receives presidential stamp of approval despite contested measures regarding controversial provision on indefinite detainment of terror suspects.

Defense bill puts data center consolidation plans at risk

The 2012 defense bill contains language that could block DOD-DISA partnerships in cloud and enterprise e-mail.

Defense authorization measure clears House

A controversial defense funding bill goes to the Senate.

Defense bill includes key cyber provisions

While measures pertaining to military detention of suspected terrorists dominated the debate, the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act will also affect cybersecurity and defense IT.

Defense authorization targets industrial base

Industry groups are concerned about some provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act.

Terrorism detainment provision overshadows 2012 defense bill

Debate over a controversial measure that allows the military to detain terror suspects around the world, even American citizens on U.S. soil, is eclipsing other aspects of the 2012 Defense Authorization Act.

Despite overall cuts, defense IT spending expected to grow

DOD won't be spending as much on IT as it did earlier in the decade, but industry can still expect opportunities, especially in IT, in fiscal 2012, according to a new industry outlook from Deltek.

Defense cuts now likely to prevent sequestration nightmare

Spurred by congressional action and military drawdowns in Iraq and Afghanistan, Defense Department cuts are accelerating and will have the most significant impact on the Army, Marines and contractors, according to the TechAmerica Foundation.

Smaller force of the future can prevail, says former DefSec

With the nation at a crucial point and the Defense Department facing serious budget cuts, a smaller military force and smart decision-making will be critical, said former Defense Secretary William Cohen.

From top DOD brass, more warnings against sequester cuts

Defense Secretary Panetta warns cuts could result in massive defense industrial base losses that would harm the U.S. economy.

NRO satellite programs remain 'in the green,' director says

The director of the National Reconnaissance Office says that the nation's classified satellite fleet is in good shape and so are the development programs in motion to produce a new generation of spacecraft to collect data on U.S. adversaries.

Political squabbles threaten to harm defense budgets

A panel of policy experts warns against overly politicizing the process for determining funding for national defense.

Carter pledges to prevent 'devastating' defense cuts, if confirmed

Ashton Carter and the Senate Armed Services Committee agreed on the urgency of responsibly identifying cuts to Defense Department spending at a hearing on Carter's confirmation as deputy defense secretary.

Defense spending bears heavy burden from debt default deal

With the debt-ceiling deal signed into law, outcry over defense cuts and lack of transparency is already loud.

Officials balk at proposed $800B in military budget cuts

President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have proposed more than $800 billion in defense cuts, but DOD leaders warned of serious consequences.

Budget crunch makes GSA popular

GSA Administrator Martha Johnson is getting an unprecedented amount of phone calls from agency leaders who want money-saving options.

DOD must shift to technological construct despite budget woes

The Defense Department must keep up with technology to compete on the battlefield, even amid budgetary uncertainty, said Gen. James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in the opening keynote address at the FOSE conference in Washington, D.C., July 19.