• June 2, 2015
  • National Press Club
    Washington D.C.

About the Summit

IT is essential to readiness. Cloud, network modernization, analytics, mobility, and related technologies are reshaping how the military services and supporting agencies manage core operations and deliver mission-critical services.

Clearly, recent technology advances are making it possible for DOD to make their operations and services more cost-effective and shift much-needed resources to warfighters working at “the point of the spear.”

But that’s just the beginning. These technologies also provide an opportunity to reengineer those operations and services to create a much more agile and responsive IT environment—one that ensures that DOD and military decision-makers have secure and immediate access to the information and services that they require.

This event will bring together IT and military leaders from across the Defense Department to discuss how to leverage IT to improve defense readiness.

Potential topics to be addressed include:

  • Emerging defense IT priorities
  • New cyber tools and tactics
  • Data center virtualization and optimization
  • Software-defined operations
  • Foundations for JIE
  • The mobile warrior
  • Cloud-based operations
  • IT transformation


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