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  • Strategies For Accelerating Joint All Domain Collaboration Efforts with Cross Domain Solutions

    Deploying a scalable model for agency and ally collaboration as initiatives such as JADC2 continue to pick up momentum will be critical to the DoD & U.S. Federal Government’s success. We hope you’ll join us as we discuss how to get even more out of your Cross Domain Solutions deployment to expedite modernization and fortify multi-domain operations. Register Now

  • Intelligent Data Management from KPMG, Informatica, and Microsoft

    Whether your needs are to modernize a legacy data warehouse, stand up a governance office, or improve overall quality of data, KPMG, Informatica, and Microsoft have the knowledge and technology to address your data challenges. Join us on Tuesday, June 29th and find out how the joint Intelligent Data Management offering can help to meet your needs across the data supply chain. Register Now