• DoD Optimizing Cloud Performance

    The Defense Department is working on upgrading its cloud platform to help DoD establish its cloud platform strategy and take better advantage of innovative technologies: Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data. Adopting a hybrid cloud will certainly be part of the strategy, along with ensuring security and compliance—and making sure DoD gets the best value for its investment. Register Now

  • Maximizing Mission Attainment

    Attaining the mission is job number one for federal agencies – whether military or civilian. As agencies move to fulfill IT MODERNIZATION mandates like Cloud Smart and the Modernizing Government T, the primary goal is to improve mission readiness and execution. Register Now

  • Today’s Tech Refresh: Preparing for the Cloud of Tomorrow

    It’s no secret that maintaining legacy infrastructure can be costly. Outdated data center technology leads to lagging performance, inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities—putting agencies at increased risk. Cloud computing is an ideal option for quickly modernizing your IT enterprise, but what if you’re not ready to go “all in”? During this webinar, our experts will cover straightforward strategies your agency can employ today to drive efficiencies and lower costs, while also preparing for your next step to the cloud when the time is right. Register Now