• DevSecOps Challenges in Secure Environments

    Software development for the services and throughout DoD is not one-size-fits-all or one security level for all. This webinar will explore the practice of cross domain software development and the impact it has on the speed and effectiveness of new code deployment. In secure environments, software development typically is done on low-secure side systems. Once ready, the software must be ‘moved’ to highly secured, classified systems. These systems are ‘air-gapped’, meaning there is no connectivity to move the files from the low-side to the high. Register Now

  • To Modernize Defense, Enlist Hybrid Cloud

    For DoD agencies, extending their existing on-premises vSphere environment to the VMware Cloud on AWS delivers a familiar architecture that doesn’t require extensive rework – plus the full range of managed services to optimize operations. Register Now

  • How Agencies Can Simplify Multi-Domain Operations with CSfC Mobility Solutions

    Today’s threat landscape continues to develop in scope and complexity as agencies and mission partners across the globe are accessing and transferring highly sensitive data across distributed networks- from remote offices to the tactical edge. As industry makes technologies more scalable and relevant for mission focused environments, the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program continues to assist in agency adoption of commercial security solutions. Register Now