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  • Forcepoint Cross Domain Solution Total Economic Impact Study Findings: Real Cost Savings, Uncompromised Security

    Forcepoint’s Raise the Bar-compliant Cross Domain suite is in operational use in some of the most stringent environments in the world, securing global missions efficiently and effectively while providing a high degree of usability, without compromising security. Forrester Consulting will present key challenges a Department of Defense intelligence agency encounters and how the implementation of a Forcepoint cross domain solution can provide critical results and benefits in the face of these challenges. Register Now

  • Cognitive Apps – From Start Up to Scale

    Agencies of all sizes are testing and deploying robotic process automation, AI and other cognitive apps to deliver faster intelligence, accelerate workflows and empower their people to focus on providing greater value to the mission. In this on-demand video, hear how government leaders are achieving dramatic gains in productivity and service delivery — and how they got started. Register Now

  • The Partnership: How Data and Technology Advance the Mission

    The most important asset government has is data and government's job is increasingly how they extract insights from it. Software has also gone through an evolution, with integrations at the edge and exponential technologies like AI and cloud. Government systems are now increasingly about building software to more from their data. In this on-demand video, discover how the US Air Force ties together data and technology on a massive scale, using DevSecOps to remove bottlenecks, automate processes and protect against cyber threats. Register Now

  • Cybersecurity: Managing New Risks and Disruption

    Cybercriminals have honed their tactics and techniques to take advantage of the confusion and new traffic patterns demanded by the changing workforce. New tools and technologies mean new targets, which means leadership will quickly have to adapt to this new environment. In this on-demand video, a panel examines how teams have changed strategy on the fly and what areas have suddenly become focal points for agency CISOs. Register Now

  • Keys to Successful Innovation in Government

    Federal, state, and local governments spend around 200 billion dollars on information technology annually. Yet, the general public often only hears about problems and challenges in government technology. In this on-demand video, hear some of the innovative ways entrepreneurs across government are using technology to serve the public more effectively and efficiently. Register Now

  • Return to Work: Strategies to Quickly and Safely Re-Open

    As government agencies begin to assess how to ease lockdowns, get people back to work, and stimulate economic activity, they must do so with trust, empathy, and speed. Agencies must actively manage the COVID-19 health crisis while taking measures to quickly identify and mitigate risk, predict areas of resurgence and balance privacy and security concerns. In this on-demand video, learn 3 strategies on how to address both the short and longer term challenges ahead. Register Now

  • Connecting the Dots to Solve the Case

    As DoD, federal agencies and law enforcement work to fill a shortage in key specialties, there is a premium on using the expertise at the highest level. Security analysts often spend too much time collecting and collating data across different public and private sources. Their time would be much better spent analyzing the real threats so they can respond rapidly and effectively. With Forcepoint Data Analyzer, agencies can employ virtual data warehousing, federated search, powerful algorithms for automated information discovery and intuitive workflow tools. Learn how security analysts across defense can gain the ability to respond to cyber threats, fraud, other criminal activity and terrorism as they’re happening — not hours, days or months later. Register Now

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  • To Modernize Defense, Enlist Hybrid Cloud

    For DoD agencies, extending their existing on-premises vSphere environment to the VMware Cloud on AWS delivers a familiar architecture that doesn’t require extensive rework – plus the full range of managed services to optimize operations. Register Now

  • Maximizing Mission Attainment

    Attaining the mission is job number one for federal agencies – whether military or civilian. As agencies move to fulfill IT MODERNIZATION mandates like Cloud Smart and the Modernizing Government T, the primary goal is to improve mission readiness and execution. Register Now