Photos from GEOINT 2012

DNI Director James Clapper at GEOINT 2012.

ODNI CIO Al Tarasiuk at GEOINT 2012.

Letitia Long, director of NGA, speaks at GEOINT.

Rob Carey of the DOD CIO office at GEOINT 2012.

 L3 briefing
An L3 executive offers a briefing at GEOINT .

DIA Director LTG Michael Flynn at GEOINT.

A briefing at the Textron Overwatch booth at GEOINT.

GEOINT Coverage

GEOINT down to engineering level made Bin Laden raid possible

Satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles now carry many types of sensors that give warfighters a beneficial yet dizzying mix of thermal and radar images, in addition to conventional photos. Gleaning information from a stack of similar images isn’t easy, so geospatial intelligence providers are working on new techniques that make it possible to combine them into integrated images.

Centralization is key to better geospatial imagery and analysis

The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) is looking at new technologies that make data collection faster, store more data and perform deeper analytics from anywhere. Defense Systems interviewed Marcy Steinke, senior vice president of government relations at DigitalGlobe, and Rich Campbell, chief technologist at EMC Federal, to learn how their companies are helping the NGA improve collection and dissemination of GEOINT. Defense Systems also asked them about the effect of the recent merger between GeoEye and DigitalGlobe on those efforts.

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