2.0 Logistics


2.1 Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP)
Project Manager: COL T. Patrick Flanders
Alexandria, Va.

A component of the GCSS-Army program, AESIP’s mission is to provide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) enterprise hub services, centralized master data management and business intelligence reporting.

The Army continues to modernize its ERP business systems to simplify operations, optimize processes and provide an accurate, enterprise view of business information to all users. AESIP is a key component of this initiative. AESIP integrates business processes and systems by serving as the enterprise hub for the Army’s logistics and financial ERP business systems:
• General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS), the Army’s first financial system
• Global Combat Support System – Army (GCSS-Army), the tactical logistics system
• Logistics Modernization Program (LMP), the national logistics system

AESIP enables integration by linking business processes and data across existing IT systems. This integration optimizes business processes and supports enterprise-level information requirements. AESIP has successfully delivered a web-based solution for the creation and management of customer and vendor master data and implemented an optimized messaging and hub services capability.

AESIP houses and enables the Army Enterprise material master, which provides the Army with a single authoritative source for material data supporting all Army constituent systems, both modernized and legacy. This Army Enterprise material master provides the catalyst to manage, control, create, change, archive and validate data, while providing a single global view of material. This global view provides the basic building blocks for product lifecycle and weapon system management. Implementation of the enterprise material master enables inventory management, accountability, pricing, accounting functions and material requirements planning operations to be seamlessly integrated into the Army Enterprise vision.

Products and Services
AESIP services include:
• Enterprise hub services
• Enterprise master data management
• Business intelligence and analytics

2.1.1 Global Combat Support System – Army (GCSS-Army)
Product Manager: LTC Timothy Domke
Petersburg, Va.
(804) 734-5614
http:// www.gcss.army.mil

To field an Army automated information system as the primary tactical logistics enabler to support Army and joint transformation of sustainment using an ERP system; reengineer current business processes to achieve end-to-end logistics and provide unclassified feeder data to applicable C2/joint systems; and implement tactical financial processes relating to supply and maintenance.

GCSS-Army manages the development, deployment and sustainment of the tactical logistics ERP solution for the Army’s logistics enterprise. GCSS-Army replaces the aging Standard Army Management Information Systems that manage Army tactical logistics and the associated financial management systems with one integrated solution.

Products and Services
GCSS-Army oversees the implementation of the tactical logistics and ERP solution to integrate business processes and offer an Army-wide view of logistics information from the battlefield. GCSS-Army allows commanders to anticipate, allocate and synchronize the flow of resources across all areas of operations. Army logisticians will realize significant improvements in mission performance over the current tactical logistics management information systems. GCSS-Army will replace aging, stove-piped tactical logistics systems and associated financial capabilities.

GCSS-Army, supported by laptops and AIT devices, provides essential functionality for limited disconnected operations and for connected operations using robust deployable communications to connect to a centralized database for all users at all echelons. Future increments of GCSS-Army will provide additional logistics capability.

2.1.2 Logistics Modernization Program (LMP)
Product Director, Mr. Gabriel Saliba
Alexandria, Va.
703- 545-6724

To sustain, monitor, measure and improve the modernized national-level logistics support solution; transition services from contractor to organic support without performance degradation; deliver new capabilities to achieve Army Business Council (ABC) and DoD Enterprise Transition Plan objectives; address strategic Army/DoD business transformation elements; and, support DoD/Army ERP integration efforts and related end-to-end processes.


  Army Soldier with interrogator in Southwest Asia.

LMP supports the Army national-level logistics mission to develop, acquire, field and sustain the world’s best equipment and services, providing Soldiers with a decisive advantage. LMP delivers an enterprise system for the Army Materiel Command (AMC) with a fully-integrated suite of software and business processes, providing streamlined data on maintenance, repair and overhaul, planning, finance, acquisition, and on weapon systems supplies, spare parts, services and material.

LMP Increment 1 is deployed to approximately 50 locations with more than 20,000 users throughout AMC and related major subordinate commands, depots and arsenals, as well as the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

LMP is a Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP)-based COTS solution that manages and tracks orders and delivery of materiel from the AMC to Soldiers where and when they need it. It is one of the world’s largest, fully integrated supply chain, maintenance, repair and overhaul, planning, execution and financial management systems.

Under the stewardship of PEO EIS, the LMP provides state-of-the-art automated support to the U.S. Army’s arsenal and depot activities worldwide by providing a modernized logistics and finance solution that allows the AMC to provide world-class logistics and finance readiness to Soldiers.

Products and Services
The support that LMP provides is critical to the Army achieving an integrated enterprise solution that enables materiel readiness and provides asset management and accountability, architecture and acquisition compliancy, and financial transparency from factory to foxhole. Through LMP Increment 2, the system will provide added capabilities supporting Expanded Industrial Base, Extended Ammunition, Non-Army Managed Items, Army Prepositioned Stock, National Maintenance Program, and other Army ERP/Defense Logistics Agency ERP integration efforts.

2.1.3 Automated Movement and Identification Solutions (AMIS)
Product Director: Mr. James Alexander
Alexandria, Va.

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To provide and sustain premier automated transportation and IT solutions to the DoD, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and coalition partners with procurement and technical services related to the acquisition, operation and management of transportation and identification IT and infrastructure.

In September 2012, PEO EIS merged the Transportation Information Systems (TIS) and Joint-Automatic Identification Technology (J-AIT) product offices into one centralized source for Automated Movement and Identification Solutions (AMIS). This convergence of complementary capabilities increases the quality of both the Transportation Coordinators’ – Automated Information for Movements System II (TC-AIMS II) and the Radio Frequency In-Transit Visibility (RF-ITV) system capabilities, maximizes effectiveness and delivers the best value to our customers.

As part of this change, AMIS merges TC-AIMS II and RF-ITV capabilities. TC-AIMS II automates and manages the movement of personnel, equipment and sustainment cargo – maintaining visibility at the tactical, operational and strategic levels. RF-ITV produces, collects and integrates movement and ITV information through a worldwide infrastructure of mobile and fixed RF-ITV Read and Write stations and satellite transponder-equipped vehicles and servers, making ITV data available to users through a web-based tracking portal that shares the data with 35 other DOD systems.

Products and Services
AMIS is the DoD procurement activity for AIT and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products. AMIS provides complete product life cycle management, premier transportation and distribution IT solutions, transportation systems functional expertise and around-the-clock customer service support. AMIS solutions provide a suite of electronic tools to automate the movement, deployment and tracking of assets.

Advancing Solider Requirements
AMIS IT advances Soldier capabilities while continually leveraging the contrasting strengths of the diverse perspectives among customers in the active Army, the Army National Guard and the Reserves worldwide. AMIS is currently developing software improvements to TC-AIMS II Theater Operations (TOPS). The result of a yearlong Office of the Secretary of Defense-level ITV study and two Joint Urgent Operational Needs Statements (JUONS), these advances aim to provide DoD and the Army with improved visibility of personnel and equipment, positively impacting global DoD operations.

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