By Lt. Gen. Ronnie D. Hawkins Jr., Director, Defense Information Systems Agency

HawkinsThe men and women of the Defense Information Systems Agency continually deliver capabilities and solutions to a vast array of users--whether it’s to the warfighter in Afghanistan or wherever the contingency operations might be, or to one of our many mission partners within the Continental United States (CONUS) or abroad. Over the past year, the incredibly talented and motivated workforce has been committed to delivering vital information technology while simultaneously completing the Defense Base Closure and Realignment (BRAC) Commission-directed move of 2,800 personnel ahead of schedule and within budget; obtaining a clean audit of the working capital fund; deploying 91 civilian and military members into combat operations; and implementing the largest email migration within the Department of Defense. These are just a few exemplars of the phenomenal work ethic and ethos of the team within DISA.

Even as DISA experiences continual change as a DoD combat support agency, one constant remains--the drive and determination to meet and exceed mission requirements. Another invariable realization is the dedicated expertise of the men and women of DISA. I had the opportunity to recognize several DISA superstars during our annual awards ceremony earlier this spring.

In the features that follow, I am pleased to introduce four of the annual award winners within DISA, who are key contributors to the outstanding advances in attaining and maintaining a true joint enterprise environment. They are all leaders in their own right, who continue to cultivate an environment which will result in:

• Improved security, achieved by a single, well-defended, agile enterprise infrastructure that responds quickly to change.
• Improved efficiencies by eliminating duplication of capabilities.
• Increased mission effectiveness as a result of standard, ubiquitous solutions.
• Centralized IT that enhances mission focus and leaves the heavy lifting to the enterprise.
• Agile IT because technology is centrally implemented and rapidly exploited.

Operating and defending this enterprise infrastructure while providing enterprise services is our highest priority. We recognize that behind all successful leaders are teams and partnerships focused on creating, enhancing, and sustaining the joint enterprise.

“The Joint Enterprise: Delivered Through Partnership,” is not just a conference theme. It is the reality we are all establishing by sharing ideas and perspectives from all levels. It is the reality set forth by incredible people, like those you will read about in the following pages, who represent the body of work and accomplishments of DISA and its mission partners.

While change is inevitable, be assured that our collective expertise and dedication will always rest upon one clear and ultimate winner – the warfighter!

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