PEO C3T Programs and Capabilities

An outline of PEO C3T's programs and capabilities

From its new home at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., the Army’s Program Executive Office for Command, Control and Communications-Tactical (PEO C3T) oversees a wide range of critical products that bring technological dominance to present and future Warfighters. PEO C3T develops, acquires and fields to all Army units a range of capabilities that include the satellite communications network, specialized software applications for planning and collaborating on the battlefield, generators, radios, computers, servers, and more. By integrating these systems so they function seamlessly and providing on-site training and support, PEO C3T empowers the Warfighter from the Tactical Operations Center to the combat edge.

Below are brief descriptions of PEO C3T’s main programs and capabilities.

• Project Manager Battle Command's (PM BC) products allow Warfighters to plan and execute fires, disseminate intelligence, plan logistics and collaborate and share battlefield information in a whiteboard-like environment. That includes Army Battle Command Systems (ABCS) Version 6.4, a suite of computer applications supporting Soldiers who direct specific functional area operations. In the future, PM BC’s collapse strategy will combine the fires, maneuver, sustainment, air defense and airspace management product lines onto a common Battle Command Workstation. This new approach will enhance the ability of Commanders and staff members to conduct collaborative mission planning and execution across the full spectrum of military operations.

• Project Manager Force XXI Battle Command Brigade-and-Below (PM FBCB2) provides capabilities so Soldiers in separate vehicles can share one another’s visual perspective of the battlefield through Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. The terrestrial FBCB2 and the satellite version, Blue Force Tracking, track and display friendly vehicles and aircraft. The future version of FBCB2/BFT, the Joint Battle Command-Platform (JBC-P), will extend those capabilities to handhelds for dismounted Soldiers and Marines while delivering increased security, bandwidth and data.

• Project Manager Warfighter Information Network–Tactical (WIN-T) provides the satellite communications network backbone that allows the Warfighter to send and receive information in order to execute the mission. No matter how austere the environment, WIN-T will provide a robust, secure network to connect brigade combat teams to the Army’s digitized systems, voice, data and video.

• None of PEO C3T’s capabilities – or those across the Joint services – can function without power. Project Manager Mobile Electric Power (PM MEP) provides tactical electric power to the Defense Department and environmental control to the Army. In addition to developing a fleet of increasingly fuel-efficient small, medium and large generators, PM MEP continues to meet Secretary of Defense objectives to diminish fuel consumption through the use of solar and wind energy and holistic methods of power generation.

• Last year, the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Army decided to transition Project Manager Network Systems Integration (PM NSI) from PEO Integration to PEO C3T along with three of its products – Common Controller, Battle Command Software and the Network Integration Kit. Bringing these capabilities into the PEO C3T portfolio will allow for greater synergy between current and future force systems.

• Project Director Communications Security (PD COMSEC) was established within PEO C3T in 2010 to secure the Army’s networks across the enterprise – from garrison to the tactical edge. PD COMSEC serves as a single management office to procure Army cryptographic and key management materiel, ensuring Warfighter communications are not compromised.

• Project Director Tactical Network Initialization (TNI) was renamed from Product Director Crypto and Networking Initialization (PD C&NI) under a change of charter in October 2010. PD TNI delivers mission-related data products and IP addresses to units, enabling digital communication and interoperability across tactical systems.

• The Special Projects Office (SPO) plans, implements and manages temporary, special and/or extraordinary communications, networks and applications support for DOD and non-DOD organizations. Among the capabilities under evaluation by the SPO is Wireless Network after Next (WNaN), an intelligent, self-healing tactical radio technology. Through foreign military sales, the SPO also provides system of systems engineering and project management expertise for foreign customers to achieve C4ISR modernization goals.

• The MilTech Solutions office provides web-based tools and technologies that improve workforce collaboration and enable faster, more effective support to the Warfighter. Among these tools are the Army Team C4ISR Knowledge Center (KC), the Single Interface to the Field (SIF) portal and SharePoint. MilTech Solutions also provides milSuite, a collection of secure knowledge management tools that mirror popular social media platforms. The sites, which include milBook, milWiki, milBlog and milTube, provide safe, yet open avenues of communication for more than 150,000 users across the active services and DOD civilian and contractor workforces.

• One of the deadliest threats in conflicts within Iraq and Afghanistan is an unforeseen mortar or rocket attack. Since its inception, Program Director Counter-Rockets, Artillery and Mortar (PD C-RAM) has countered these attacks with integrated systems that successfully protect and warn Warfighters of incoming fire. In April, PD C-RAM transitioned from PEO C3T to PEO Missiles and Space.

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