Four advantages to using CHESS for your hardware, software purchases

Partnerships fuel 4 primary benefits of CHESS contract

The inherent value that the Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) contract vehicle provides lies in its relationship with key partners, including the Army CIO office, Information Systems Engineering Command, Network Enterprise Technology Command/9th Signal Command and Army Contracting Command’s Army Contracting Command — National Capital Region.

With these partners, CHESS provides architecturally sound standards and policy-compliant IT enterprise solutions to all Army activities and organizations. Consolidating software requirements, developing business cases, assisting contracting officers in negotiating best-value deals and administering resulting agreements — CHESS helps to reduce acquisition and support costs in all of those areas by maximizing the Defense Department's buying power.

In a nutshell

CHESS advantages include:

  • No fee for using the CHESS Army-approved contract vehicle.
  • Any federal government organization is eligible to purchase from CHESS.
  • Negotiated discounts and labor rates on contracts bring added cost savings.
  • The contract leverages the Army’s enormous buying power.
  • Compliance with all DOD and HQDA policies on standardization, interoperability and security. 

Primary benefits of the Army’s CHESS contract vehicle include:

  • Close integration of the Information Technology Enterprise Solutions (ITES) and Army Desktop and Mobile Computing (ADMC) vehicles to provide commercial IT, including hardware, software and services.
  • Broad use of Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) agreements to generate cost savings across DOD. ESI agreements allow federal organizations to use stock fund dollars with an approved business case study to fund enterprise volume requirements.
  • Online orders through CHESS’ IT e-mart to streamline the IT procurement process, establishment of an IT e-commerce procurement process through AKO channels and compliance with Army commercial off-the-shelf IT regulatory requirements.
  • Consolidated Buy program, in which laptop and desktop PCs are offered twice per year at rates as much as nearly 50 percent off typical GSA schedule pricing, based on ADMC-2 contracts.

Meanwhile, officials say streamlined CHESS business processes provide:

  • ITES, ADMC and ESI enterprise level agreements at significant volume discounts for all purchasers.
  • PKI Enabled/Active Directory enabled systems and software for enhanced security.
  • Network management capabilities for desktop systems and servers.
  • Compliance with DOD and HQDA policies for standardization and interoperability.

CHESS statistics

FISCAL 2010 
Commercial off-the-shelf sales: $3.7 billion

Cost avoidance: $724 million

Breakdown of costs avoided:
* $362 million in software savings
* $362 million in savings from hardware/services

Total sales since inception in 1996
$21.5 billion

Total cost avoidance since inception
$4.5 billion

Source: Army CHESS


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