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2011 Stategic Reports, Contracts and Buyers Guides

Special Report: Health IT Insights

For a time, the advances in health IT that were promoted in the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) seemed in doubt as reactions to the proposals ranged from confusion to outright resistance. The eventual impact of the proposals was unclear and many parts of the U.S. health industry, particularly providers, pushed back against the costs and complexities involved in implementing them.

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Special Report: Infrastructure Optimization

Users no longer need the IT team to research and purchase applications and infrastructure for them, especially if those applications and services are in the cloud. However, circumventing the IT team has its costs. Here’s how IT professionals can reduce the number of unapproved implementations.

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The Stand: C4ISR

Military effectiveness on the battlefield increasingly depends on C4ISR technologies to deliver accurate and real time information to warfighters, even while those technologies must operate in an ever-more complex environment. An industry veteran of this space explains what the challenges are and what¹s needed to meet current and future needs.

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Special Report: Virtualization & Consolidation

With the announcement in December 2010 of the Obama administration’s 25-point plan to reform government IT, data center consolidation has become a defined goal of federal government. That won’t be news to many agencies, but with aggressive targets now set, the question is how to get there.

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Special Report: CHESS

CHESS contracts and license agreements leverage the Army’s enterprise purchasing power, provide state-of-the-art technology and protect the LandWarNet. And with sales of $3.7 billion in fiscal 2010, the CHESS program is well on its way to achieving its vision of being the Army’s center of excellence for commercial IT acquisition.

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Insights Special Report: IT Modernization

During the past several years, the type and frequency of cyberattacks have changed dramatically. Today, organizations are subject to increasingly sophisticated intrusion tactics that are more destructive and malicious than before. Newer technologies such as cloud computing, social networking and the proliferation of mobile devices also have provided new opportunities for hackers to find and exploit vulnerabilities.

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Cloud Computing Special Report

Cloud security still remains one of the main stumbling blocks for some agencies, even as they race to identify potential cloud projects. And yet, experts say, security in the cloud is becoming a nonissue. Here’s why.

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Securing Government Systems Special Report

Security professionals will tell you that compared with 10 years ago, government IT security practices are vastly improved. Back then, security was very much an ad hoc approach that varied greatly among agencies and for which erecting a firewall was considered state of the art, if security was considered at all

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2011 DISA Contract & Program Guide

In the past few months, the Defense Information Systems Agency has been involved in an unprecedented six simultaneous operations ranging from counter-insurgency support in Afghanistan to disaster relief missions in Japan. Each operation has validated the need for a global, resilient, and protected enterprise, which provides access to protected information and applications or web-based services to enable leaders’ effective decision making within a global environment.

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2011 PEO-C3T

The Program Executive Office for Command, Control and Communications-Tactical takes on the arduous responsibility of maintaining the U.S. military's technical dominance as enemies evolve and modernize with new technologies.

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2011 PEO-EIS Catalog

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Special Report: Unified Communications

Unified communications (UC) is a notoriously hard term to pin down, but however you view it there’s no doubt that demand for it across government is starting to develop. Actual deployment may still be light, but activities that will eventually require it are gathering pace so the future for UC in government is bright. Read or Download Full Report Here (PDF)

2010 Strategic Reports, Contracts and Buyers Guides

JTRS 2010 Report

Strategic Report: Web 3.0 Tools

In the effort to make government information more open and accountable, there’s no better example public sector organizations can draw from than Recovery.gov, which was set up by the current administration to follow the ongoing impact of the president’s economic stimulus plan.

Special Report: Storage Management

Effective storage management requires the right technology tools combined with information management practices to optimize space, safeguard data, and reduce costs.

Special Report: Virtual Desktop

As government strives to grant employees access to internal information resources when and where it’s needed while simultaneously reducing costs, desktop virtualization offers help in meeting those goals, in addition to providing both greater control over PC resources and stronger IT security.

Special Report: Information Security

When President Obama launched a review of federal efforts to mitigate the economic and national security challenges caused by cybersecurity issues he made it clear that this country must:

*Establish a shared situational awareness network that identifies vulnerabilities, threats and events.

*Enhance  U.S. counterintelligence capabilities and increase security of the supply chain

*Expand cyber education

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Report: Cloud Computing

In an unlikely role reversal, speakers at the recent Cloud Computing Summit in Washington D.C., agreed the public sector has taken an obvious lead in the adoption of cloud computing, stepping ahead of private sector organizations by embracing pay-per-use solutions for a variety of new services and applications.

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Special Report: Always On - Preparing for the Next Engagement

This year, the theme of DISA’s Customer Partnership Conference is “The Next Engagement.” DISA strives to be proactive in supporting our customers by establishing telecommunication and information technology contracts in advance of their needs.

PEO EIS Catalog for 2010

The Program Executive Office, Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) enables information dominance for joint and Army Warfighters by developing, acquiring, integrating, deploying and sustaining IT and business management systems, communications and infrastructure solutions through leveraged commercial and enterprise capabilities.

These products and systems cover a full spectrum of support for the Army and Defense Department. The PEO EIS workforce of more than 1,800 military, civilian and contractor personnel executes approximately $3 billion a year—about 35 percent of the Army’s IT budget.

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Priority Report: Data Center Solutions

As federal IT managers plan ahead, they’re looking for technologies to drive down data center costs while boosting productivity, decision making, and customer service levels throughout the organization. According to a recent study by market researcher INPUT, there are five key technologies that have yielded similar benefits for private sector companies and are making their way into federal IT plans for 2010 and beyond.

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Open Government Special Report

In an historic effort to achieve an unprecedented level of openness, the White House issued the Open Government Directive (OGD) in December, instructing Executive branch departments to publish three ‘high-value’ data sets online within 45 days. The administration’s underlying goal behind the OGD is to drive greater transparency and ‘openness’ and “strengthen U.S. democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in government.”

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DISA: Always On - Preparing for the Next Engagement

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) will celebrate our 50th anniversary on May 12, 2010. If there is one remarkable constant that characterizes these five decades, it is the agency’s ability to transform as technology and the demand for information have changed.

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