Report: Cloud Computing

Government Takes Lead in Cloud Adoption

In an unlikely role reversal, speakers at the recent Cloud Computing Summit in Washington D.C., agreed the public sector has taken an obvious lead in the adoption of cloud computing, stepping ahead of private sector organizations by embracing pay-per-use solutions for a variety of new services and applications.

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The Cloud’s Standards Imperative

A general lack of government-wide standards – especially related to establishing common security practices for cloud computing – has hindered broader federal adoption, sources said at the May Cloud Computing Summit in Washington D.C.

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Cloud Security Concerns, Best Practices 

Caveat emptor’ was the key advice from industry observers and early adopters of cloud computing at the recent Cloud Computing Summit in Washington D.C.  And if a recent survey is accurate, 70 percent of government technology decision-makers are indeed concerned about data security, privacy and integrity in the cloud.

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Understanding Cloud Formations

There are a number of ways agencies can leverage the technological tools, services and expertise available to help consolidate and modernize data center operations and smooth the migration to cloud-based solutions.

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Town Halls and Other Online Services

Microsoft Details Government Cloud Services - With the onset of the upcoming election season fast approaching, Microsoft officials are optimistic current and future prospective politicians will want to leverage cloud computing via the company’s CampaignReady to set up and run their campaigns.

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