5.0 Acquisition

PEO-EIS 2010
5.0 Acquisition

5.0) Acquisition
5.1) Acquisition Business (AcqBusiness)
Alexandria, VA
Phone: (703) 797-8890

Project Summary

AcqBusiness provides data management services and enterprise business applications that support acquisition community needs. These capabilities enable consistent, effective and efficient conduct of acquisition tasks. Planning and development of additional capabilities are ongoing with rapid prototyping, user involvement and rapid capability distribution as core elements of the program strategy.

The AcqBusiness program consists of a continuing series of independent software projects developed to assist acquisition personnel conduct their business.   AcqBusiness works with the Army acquisition community to identify enterprise business requirements and offers solutions that meet those essential needs. To date, the program has fielded a substantial infrastructure and a variety of functional IT tools and services with additional capabilities in various stages of development. AcqBusiness provides an enterprise, service-oriented, business environment populated with information management systems and services that bring the right information to the right people at the right time.

Products and Services

*AcqCOP links business processes to architecture, services and capabilities and provides instant visibility to an organization’s processes through functionally-grouped services.

*AcqPersonnel shows leaders acquisition workforce trends, training, retirement eligibility and certifications data in a single report.

*AcqReadiness (Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment Decision Support Tool) will provide the Army with total asset visibility to better support ARFORGEN readiness by putting people and systems in touch.

*AcqRequirements enable the lifecycle visibility of a PM AcqBusiness service from online submission of a requirement through monitoring of the capability status through development and deployment.

*AcqTactical is a contract management tool to assist stakeholders in the expeditionary procurement lifecycle. When developed, this new tool suite will provide visibility into the procurement process from requirements generation to contract closeout.

*AcqTech is an enterprise management software solution developed to support the Army Science &Technology community. It is composed of a project management application and a collaboration suite.

*AIM (Acquisition Information Management) provides automation system services to support planning, programming, management and execution of Acquisition programs.

*Green Force Tracker (GFT), using IBM’s Sametime®, provides instant chat capability and allows views of individual/group availability.

* milWiki is a fast and efficient destination to share knowledge between colleagues. Posted behind AKO, wiki users provide information and get information from this living document.

*PM Toolkit increases visibility by providing a collection of existing tools that can be leveraged throughout the acquisition community. It helps reduce cost by utilizing existing solutions, reducing the time and resources needed for maintaining hardware, acquiring system accreditation and providing shared hardware and software support

*RDECOM Business Integration System (RBIS) is a valuable new enterprise initiative to support RDECOM’s business processes associated with Technology Focus Teams (TFTs) and System Integration Domains (SIDs).

*Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) is an alternative file sharing method to email and FTP, enabling organizations to securely exchange large files.  Since many organizations that do business within the Army limit the size of attachments that can be sent via email, the SAFE applications were created as alternative file sharing methods to email and FTP.

*VIS Virtual InSight is a suite of tools which provide real-time collaboration (virtual meeting / application sharing), task management, calendaring, threaded discussions, project management, digital libraries and workspaces.