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The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) will celebrate our 50th anniversary on May 12, 2010. If there is one remarkable constant that characterizes these five decades, it is the agency’s ability to transform as technology and the demand for information have changed. At no other time in our history have the demands, challenges, opportunities, and threats to command and control and information sharing been evolving, all in parallel, at such a rapid pace. We are focused on meeting these demands and setting the conditions to assure information dominance in the future.

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A Note from the Editor

This year’s articles describe how DISA has refined its IT vision.  They show concrete progress on the road from vision to reality.  The articles also make clear that DISA needs help from their industry and government partners to achieve a seamless next generation enterprise infrastructure; agile and efficient command and control; and secure, “always on” capabilities and services.

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Enterprise Services to Warfighting

The 21st century is the information era. The buzzwords of the 20th century – net-centricity, collaboration, mobile workforce, information sharing – have become the realities of the 21st century. In this new era, our military forces find themselves in an operational environment that is unpredictable, complex, and rapidly changing. Our military forces are more than ever dependent on information in order to be successful as they respond to the full range of military operations.

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Information Sharing in the Next Engagement

Today, warfighters face a range of dynamic and complex missions. To be successful, our forces, including coalition partners, must have the information, situational awareness, and tools to operate in rapidly changing environments no matter what the situation or threat. The lynchpins are agile, responsive command and control (C2) capabilities built on the enterprise infrastructure.

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Operate and Assure – In a Contested Battlespace

The Defense Information Systems Agency is committed to providing the leadership and operational structure to ensure the DISA enterprise is dependable, reliable, available, secure, and protected to fully support military forces across the full spectrum of operations and in any form of contested cyber battlespace environment.  

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DISA Contracts Guide

This year, the theme of DISA’s Customer Partnership Conference is “The Next Engagement.”  DISA strives to be proactive in supporting our customers by establishing telecommunication and information technology contracts in advance of their needs.  As you look through the following listing of contracts, you will notice that many contracts are performance-based, flexible, and easy-to-use. 

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