Note From the Editor

Always On - Preparing for the Next Engagement
A Note from the Editor

By Warren Suss, President, Suss Consulting, Inc.

This year’s articles describe how DISA has refined its IT vision.  They show concrete progress on the road from vision to reality.  The articles also make clear that DISA needs help from their industry and government partners to achieve a seamless next generation enterprise infrastructure; agile and efficient command and control; and secure, “always on” capabilities and services.  Here are some highlights:

*Enterprise Support to Warfighting” lays out objectives that will guide us in fielding solutions to specific challenges such as  information sharing and collaboration on demand and real time self provisioning of services that recognize the user’s capabilities and limitations.  

* Command and Control – Sharing Information in the Next Engagement” describes an important shift towards agile planning and development based on “user stories” and small increments, called “sprints” that deliver C2 capabilities faster and more efficiently.

* Operate and Assure – In a Contested Battlespace” describes how DISA dramatically increased the capacity and diversity of its global network and  improved protections against cyberattack and other threats to provide assured service to “edge” users engaged in conventional warfare, nation building, counterterrorism, special operations, humanitarian operations, and disaster relief .

These articles represent DISA’s commitment to an open dialog with its user community and with industry.  We, in turn, need to respond by helping DISA translate its vision for the future into near-term improvements in enterprise infrastructure, command and control, operations, and information assurance to support our warfighters, our National Leadership and our international coalition and mission partners.