The JPEO JTRS Enterprise is delivering innovative technology that addresses the emerging needs of the Warfighter. The products we are producing will be leveraged by the Department of Defense to shape long-term networking strategies to provide cyber-hardened, joint, interoperable networking, advancing connectivity and communications as well as supporting cyber warfare. What JPEO JTRS is accomplishing today will fundamentally redefine the way communication occurs on the battlefields of the future. These products will provide the Warfighter with the agility and information needed to out-maneuver increasingly sophisticated adversaries and ultimately save lives.

JPEO JTRS has made great strides towards the execution of our vision and mission to deliver world class defense networking capabilities in a dynamic environment to meet Warfighter demands. We have also made a commitment to ensure our workforce, industry partners, and stakeholders have a clear understanding of the JTRS program and the milestones we are achieving. We’ve also made a commitment to inform the Warfighter of emerging technologies and our timeline to deliver the capability.

In an effort to keep these commitments, we’ve partnered with Defense Systems Magazine to produce the 2010/2011 JTRS Program Review and Product Brochure. This brochure provides an insider’s look at our integrated collaborative acquisition effort as well as recent program accomplishments. It also includes information on the individual JTRS product lines and the collective capability provided to the Warfighter.

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of all of our stakeholders as we continue looking at every opportunity to improve our efficiencies and effectiveness, because Warfighter lives depend on it. We renew our commitment to our five JTRS strategic goals to deliver effective warfighter capability, help shape the DoD tactical networking strategy, deliver that capability at the right cost, invest in our people by providing them an environment that attracts, retains empowers, motivates, and enhances world-class talent, and continually analyze, refine and improve JPEO JTRS Enterprise processes.
Howard Pace, Jr.
Acting Joint Program Executive Officer
Joint Tactical Radio System

JPEO JTRS Enterprise
Vision: Be the DoD leader in delivering tactical edge networking to the Joint Warfighter. Mission: To develop and field interoperable, affordable, secure, wireless networking capabilities for the Joint Forces through an innovative enterprise business model. Customer Goal: Deliver Effective Warfighting Capability. Strategy Goal: Shape the DoD Tactical Networking Strategy. Financial Goal: Deliver Capability at the Right Cost. People Goal: Invest in Our People. Process Goal: Continually Improve the JPEO JTRS Enterprise.

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