DISA 2009: Operationalizing DISA

Operational Excellence for the Warfighter

Operationalizing DISA… a New Way Ahead

The Defense Information Systems Agency has provided and operated telecommunications and information technology for decades.  Today the Agency is sharpening its operational focus working with its partner, the Joint Task Force-Global Network Operations (JTF-GNO).

DISA and the JTF-GNO are linked in attacking the challenges of providing warfighters with state-of-the-art information and communications services and continuing to operationalize the cyberspace domain to empower warfighters to achieve information dominance.  The linkage consists of DISA delivering enterprise capabilities and services while the JTF-GNO operates and defends
the enterprise. 

Together DISA and the JTF-GNO provide a mission environment for warfighters and national leadership that comprises command and control capabilities and the entire enterprise infrastructure.  The term 'operationalizing' refers to doing this with a no-fail customer-focused mindset, and a shift from an application mentality to a service mentality.  This is critical to fielding Global Information Grid 2.0 capabilities that will deliver a next generation Web 2.0 environment for the warfighter.  

Elements of operationalizing include strengthening the infrastructure and expanding the capacity of the Global Information Grid (GIG).  DISA is deploying improvements today including greater redundancy, new IP modem technology for communication gateways around the world, and critical infrastructure protection.  These improvements optimize existing capabilities, while gaining efficiencies and ensuring reliability.  Other operationalizing improvements high on DISA's priority list include increased physical diversity, virtual defense of the network, and improved in-theater access to and use of enterprise
services at the edge.

Defending ourselves in cyberspace is crucial for information dominance.  We therefore have to treat our networks and their components like the weapons systems they are.  This principle requires promotion of a culture change in training, security, and standards, which underscores the focus on creating “the new normal” that will better protect and preserve the cyber domain. 

Operationalizing in a nutshell means that we must continuously apply the best minds, persistent work, and sustained investment of all - warfighters, Military Services, Agencies, industry partners, national and international partners - in a concerted, sustained effort to make certain our networks are always on to support operations globally. warfighter.  alone.  We must strengthen and leverage our partnership with and industry if we are to succeed in effectively supporting our warfighters and National Leadership.