Operational Excellence for the Warfighter

A Note from the Editor

By Warren Suss, President, Suss Consulting, Inc.

DISA's IT vision is evolving.  This year, DISA is working at an even faster operational tempo. At the same time, there's a greater demand for operational excellence and results. 

The pressure to both operate faster and deliver enhanced capabilities creates a huge challenge for DISA and its industry partners.   

With today's budget realities, we have only two options for responding to this challenge:  (1) Improve our technologies.  (2)  Refine our processes.  This year's DISA IT vision covers both.

On the technology side, for example, DISA's Network Centric Enterprise Services (NCES) program has delivered improved collaborative information-sharing capabilities and services.  But NCES is only a foundational first step in an important new direction.  We have a lot more work to do to deliver on the promise of enterprise services.

On the process side, DISA's vision highlights the importance of supplementing technologies like the Host-Based Security System (HBSS) with improved cyber policies, procedures, practices and training.  With sophisticated cyber attacks on the rise and more than 15,000 local and regional networks on the Global Information Grid (GIG) to defend, we are in a race against time to build a culture across the entire Defense Department that will enable successful information sharing and operations in a contested environment. So, while DISA is making progress in refining the vision, each improvement generates new challenges.  It's up to all of us in the Defense Department and industry to transform our technologies and our processes to deliver capabilities and services that make a difference for DISA's two key customers - the National Command Authority and the warfighter.  alone.  We must strengthen and leverage our partnership with and industry if we are to succeed in effectively supporting our warfighters and National Leadership.