Army ERP Systems

PEO EIS Catalog - Spring 2009

1.0 Army ERP Systems Integration Task Force

1.1 Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP),
Fort Belvoir, VA
Phone: (703) 806-4108

Project Summary
The Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP) will integrate Army business processes by providing a single source for enterprise hub services, centralized master data management and business intelligence and analytics. 

The AESIP enables integration among the Business Mission Area domains by linking business processes and data across existing IT investments.  This integration will optimize business processes and support enterprise level information requirements.  AESIP has successfully delivered a web-based solution for the creation and management of customer and vendor master data and implemented an optimized messaging and hub services capability. 

Products and Services
AESIP services include:
*Enterprise hub services

*Enterprise master data management

* Business intelligence and analytics

1.2 Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System (DIMHRS), Alexandria, VA
Web site:
Phone: (703) 428-1234

Project Summary
The Defense Integrated Human Resources System (DIMHRS) will revolutionize the way the Army manages all military personnel around the globe. DIMHRS will bring payroll and personnel functions for the Army (Active, National Guard and Reserve) into one secure, integrated web-based system.

DIMHRS is a Congressionally-mandated program designed to create one personnel record per Service Member for their entire career and will automatically calculate any associated change in entitlements through personnel updates. 

In DIMHRS, self-service options allow Service Members to update personal information, submit an Action Request (currently Personnel Action Request), select benefits options, enroll in a thrift savings plan, change direct deposit information, and perform many other pay and personnel actions.

Personnel records will be available to HR professionals, combatant commanders, personnel and military pay managers, and other authorized users throughout the Army.
One update to the system will reflect correct information in the Service Member's personnel and pay record, such as emergency data. This web-based HR system will be accessible online 24 hours a day from anywhere with internet connectivity. 

1.3 General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS), Alexandria, VA
Web site:
Phone: (703) 682-3000

Project Summary
GFEBS supplies DoD and the Army with standardized, real-time, financial management tools to make strategic business decisions that directly benefit America's Warfighters. The successful implementation of business process changes during Release 1.2 in October 2008 set the stage for global Army-wide deployment by 2011.

GFEBS is a Web-enabled ERP system that will allow the Army to share financial, asset and accounting data. With more than 79,000 end-users at more than 200 Army financial centers around the world, GFEBS will be one of the world's largest enterprise financial systems, managing around $140 billion in spending by the active Army, National Guard and Army Reserve. GFEBS will standardize transactional input and business processes across the Army to enable cost management activities; provide accurate, reliable, and real-time data, and tie budgets to execution.  For the first time, the Army will have a single authoritative source for financial and related, non-financial data for its entire general fund (system of record). 

Benefits of the GFEBS enterprise solution include:
*Reducing &Eliminating Waste

*Apply one system to the three components for a single Army view

*Reduce footprint (logistics) components

*Decrease training cycle time and reconciliations

*Eliminate redundant entry and re-working of data in different systems

*Reducing Variation & Improving Quality

*Maximize standardization and eliminate customized systems

*Replace 90 systems with one

*Utilize financial trend data

*Enhance financial transparency and credibility

1.4 Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army), Fort Lee, VA
Web site:
Phone: (804) 734-5600

Project Summary
Global Combat Support System - Army (PM GCSS-Army) oversees the implementation of the tactical logistics ERP program, to integrate business processes and offer an Army-wide view of logistics information from the battlefield.

GCSS-Army will allow logistics Commanders and tactical users to anticipate, allocate, and synchronize the flow of resources across the area of operations.  The Web-based system, supported by lightweight mobile applications, provides essential functionality for limited disconnected operations, and robust deployable communications, connected to a centralized data repository for all users at all echelons.  It will replace 13 Army logistics systems, and interface or integrate with applicable Army command and control (C2) systems and Joint systems as a follow-on initiative.

Future increments of GCSS-Army will provide additional maneuver sustainment automation including legal affairs, ministry, bulk fuel, water supply and distribution; field services; arms room operations; tool room operations, and clothing issue points.  These future increments will also rationalize capabilities and services across domain architectures using Army integrated architecture standards, processes, and transition planning for future integrated solution opportunities.

1.5 Logistics Modernization Program (LMP), Fort Monmouth, NJ
Web site:
Phone: (856) 988-4727

Project Summary
The U.S. Army's Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) provides a comprehensive, modernized logistics solution that allows the Army Materiel Command (AMC) to provide
world-class logistics readiness to the Warfighter.

Operational since July 2003, LMP delivers a fully-integrated suite of software and business processes that streamline the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), planning, finance, acquisition and supply of weapon systems, spare parts, services and materiel to the Warfighter. Fundamental to the Army's transformation efforts, LMP replaces a stove-piped legacy systems environment and enables the Army to leverage the power of precise, up-to-the minute, enterprise-wide data and improved business processes. This state-of-the-art ERP solution moves the Army's logistics capabilities squarely into the 21st century and sets the stage for achieving a state of excellence in joint interoperability. Today, LMP is operational at the CECOM Lifecycle Management Command (LCMC), Tobyhanna Army Depot, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) and other Army locations. The program manages a multi-billion dollar inventory with tens of thousands of vendors and integrates with more than 70 DoD systems. When fully deployed in 2011, the program will operate in more than 1,000 locations with more than 17,000 users worldwide, delivering materiel to Warfighters, when and where they need it.