2009 JTRS Report

Introduction from the JPEO JTRS

Letter from the JPEO of JTRS.

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Technical Director

JPEO Simultaneously Tackles Schedule, Cost and Risk to Keep JTRS on Track

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The Heart of JTRS: Network Enterprise Domain Develops Waveforms for Interoperable Networking

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The Warfighter¹s Need for Non-Line-of-Sight Communications and Mobile Ad Hoc Networking Drives Development of Ground Mobile Radios.

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JTRS HMS Addresses Size, Weight & Power to Bring Networked Communications to the First Tactical Echelon.

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Airborne, Maritime/Fixed JTRS is Part of a Revolution in Military Affairs. 

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Concurrent Terminal Qualification and Flight Testing Accelerates MIDS JTRS Program 

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JTRS Tactical Networking Capability Chart

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JTRS Program Review and Vision Guide.pdf (5MB File)

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