IT Infrastructure

Satellite-imaging firm to double its high-resolution constellation

Planet’s new sats will allow more photos of global hot spots per day.

The Army eyes finish line for Microsoft Office 365 migration

Army CIO Raj Iyer said he expects classified and unclassified migrations to wrap up by 2025.

DevSecOps in the DOD: The key to better collaboration

A collaboration platform that puts all decision-making context in a single location improves resource use and optimizes software development.

Air Force software factory looks to unleash 'chaos' on civilian IT shops

The Kessel Run group is currently developing a playbook that would make it easier for organizations across the federal government to adopt engineering and security best practices.

VA begins new EHR deployment in Washington

After Years Of bureaucratic backlog, the VA is working to deploy its electronic healthcare system in two hospital clinics by the end of April.

Space Force gets roughly 40% increase in Biden request

A constellation of satellites will track ground vehicles, improve launch trajectories, and better nuclear command-and-control.

The Pentagon is ready to deliver on JADC2—here’s how

With the implementation plan signed, officials are embarking on the next steps of this journey toward interoperability.

DOD awards Verizon almost $1 billion to modernize its networks

New communications equipment will soon be deployed at the Pentagon and beyond.

Funding for DOD's software pilots holds strong in 2022

Future expansion could hinge on analysis that the strategy is working.

For defense IT, acquisitions need to be more than 'just in time'

Contract planning and boosting small business in 2022 are top of mind for Debra Daniels, the vice procurement services executive for the Defense Information Systems Agency.

Leidos takes $11B DOD 'Fourth Estate' IT contract

Leidos wins yet another one of the largest defense IT services and systems integration contract opportunities out there with the award of this $11.5 billion program at the Defense Information Systems Agency.

Pentagon Inches Closer to Unleashing Two New Supercomputers

A storage capabilities supplier shared fresh details on the in-the-making systems.

DISA greenlights GDIT for identity management production

This new $162 million agreement means General Dynamics IT will bring its identity, credential and access management solution into production to secure access to Defense Department applications.

AT&T takes second piece of DISA telephony services program

AT&T can claim victories in both major pieces of a Defense Information Systems Agency program for broad telephony services across the U.S. military’s various combatant command regions.

Air Force commits millions to demonstrate ‘Space Internet’

Constellations of spacecraft spanning different orbits would be explored to provide connectivity.