Why the USAF's IT chief is 'bullish' on open source

While there's no such thing as completely secure software, open source can make it stronger through the "power of the crowd," said Lauren Knausenberger, the Air Force's chief information officer.

Cyber assistance ranks high on National Guard requested services, chief says

Gen. Daniel Hokanson, chief of the National Guard Bureau, said cybersecurity assistance is "one of the most frequently requested things that we're seeing right now" thanks to nearly 4,000 cyber professionals, many of whom acquired their skills as civilians.

The Pentagon wants to prevent personnel data tracking, breaches

The Defense Department's innovation shop is looking for commercial solutions that can help better protect personnel data.

Defense officials push for cyber standards compliance, citing warfighter needs

Officials from the Pentagon's CIO Office reiterated the need for strong digital defenses as conflicts take aim at critical infrastructure.

Survey: 93% of Americans fear cyber warfare against U.S.

A consumer survey suggests Americans are taking some steps to prepare for possible cyber warfare.

NSA chief: Cyber Command did 9 international missions last year

The dual-hatted head of the spy agency and military command has been conducting proactive missions to diffuse cyber threats to U.S. elections and other critical infrastructure and stressed the importance of artificial intelligence to advance those efforts.

CISA adds new Russian malware to cyber advisory

The agency updated its warning regarding malware deployed by Russian state actors as the country continues war against Ukraine.

JRSS transition still a work in progress

The Defense Information Systems Agency isn't getting rid of the embattled Joint Regional Security Stacks just yet. But it is working on a transition plan as it brings Thunderdome online.

The Army wants to re-do how it manages cyber risk

The service is working to stand up a risk management council in the coming month.

‘Hack DHS’ program identifies 122 vulnerabilities across networks

The Homeland Security Department’s first bug bounty program reaped some benefits.

CISA add industrial control specialists to Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative

Companies in the space are trying to shape public policy and push for money agencies can use to—among other things—track their devices and other assets.

What CISA wants critical infrastructure partners to report on cyber incidents

A new guide provides clues into how the agency might be thinking of crucial details, such as what should count as an “incident” under a new law.

U.S. space systems see 'dramatic' spike in risks amid global competition

Officials from the Defense Intelligence Agency said there's been a steep increase in the pace and scope of operations since 2019 primarily from China and Russia.

To improve national security, we need to turn the spotlight on the data

The United States is at increasing risk of cyberattacks from adversarial nations. Here’s how agencies can share sensitive data safely.

Inglis says he won't 'dictate' cyber workforce policy

National Cyber Director Chris Inglis said that part of his job in the cybersecurity workforce arena will be ensuring that the roles of different agencies are coordinated.

Can small businesses keep up with defense cyber requirements?

The Defense Department is launching a study to assess how well companies can handle cyber self-assessments.