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Currently, 10 system administrators exist for every one security professional on average within an organization. Utilizing staff resources is an important necessity for organizations because perimeters are routinely being breached, and attackers often roam through networks for weeks or months on end, often without discovery. Through participating in Hacker Guard --Security Resources for IT Administrators, Operations, System & Network Administrators will focus on developing the skills necessary to help detect system breaches quickly within their organization. Who is a candidate for Hacker Guard 464: -Network Administrators -System Administrators -Auditors -Compliance -IT Operations -Policy Development -Security Analyst -Security Engineers What knowledge does the Hacker Guard 464 Program provide? Hacker Guard 464 utilizes open source and vendor specific tools, by focusing on three key learning objectives and 11 hands on labs through: 1. The importance of Baselining. o Knowing what is normal/abnormal for Windows and Linux systems o Not knowing what is normal makes the auditors and hackers happy 2. Continuous Monitoring for anomalies o Discover evidence of intruder activity o Understanding your network’s mood swings 3. Establish effective communication with Cyber Security Incident Response Team o Gap Reduction between Security, Auditing and System Admins- no one gets hurt & everyone keeps their day jobs. System Administrators turning into Security Professionals? No, the goal is not to morph System/Network Administrators into Security Ninja Nerds, but to provide them the basic skills for effective communication between Auditing, Cyber Security and Operations, so everyone can sleep soundly at night and consume less coffee during the day. When does Hacker Guard 464 program take place: vLive: 10/30-11/2 4 days-3 hours per afternoon, EST. Continuing Education: Students will be able to leverage and apply what they have learned to real-life situations as they arise and keep their Hacker Guard reflexes in check. Once students complete their Hacker Guard 464 training, every four months, 4- 90 minute threat briefings and tool updates to keep ninja nerd reflexes sharp and up-to-date for any potential vectors. Threat briefings are delivered via live Webcast by course author John Strand. Students are encouraged to utilize the continuing education option to ensure their knowledge is constantly updated to the latest threat vectors.Continuing Education is included in the initial tuition fee.

-Network Administrators -System Administrators -Auditors -Compliance -IT Operations -Policy Development -Security Analyst -Security Engineers

Registration Opens: 08/21/2012 Cost: $1,945

Contact Name: Jenn Herroon

ph: 402-202-2672 email: [email protected]

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