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A bad audit can significantly damage the bottom line of a contractor. The audit process can be filled with many challenges for government contractors to overcome. The lack of publicized guidance by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) has created many concerns when attempting to determine what is considered a proper compliance program. The shift from the ten key systems to six in the new DFARS Business Systems Rule makes it imperative for government contractors to learn what has changed and how these changes will affect their internal controls. The marcus evans Internal Controls and DCAA Audits for Government Contractors Conference will discuss the recent changes to the business systems rule and incorporate these new regulations into a program to maintain compliance, analyze the complexity in performing subcontractor monitoring as well as working with DCAA auditors during an audit. By attending this conference, government contracting executives will review processes for mitigating the effects of non-compliance within their programs to help in preventing withholds being incurred by the government as well as overcome obstacles in updating their internal controls programs. Attending This Conference Will Enable You To: 1. Diagnose government audit priorities 2. Manage internal controls and government contractor programs 3. Analyze monitoring and justifying costs to the government 4. Address and approve privacy and ethical concerns 5. Clarify procurement and purchasing role in the audit process 6. Evaluate issues related to cost and pricing Industry leaders attending this event will benefit from a dynamic presentation format consisting of workshops, panel discussions and case studies. Attendees will experience highly interactive conference sessions, 10-15 minutes of Q&A time after each presentation, 4+ hours of networking, and exclusive online access to materials post-event.

marcus evans invites Heads, Vice Presidents, In-House Counsel and government agencies with responsobilities or involvement in the following areas: - Government Compliance - Federal Government Contracting - Audit and Compliance - Government Finance - Federal Contracting Compliance - Purchasing Procurement Compliance - Government Accounting - Internal Audit

Registration Opens: 10/19/2012

Contact Name: Robin Yegelwel

ph: (312) 540-3000 ext. 6483 email: [email protected]

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