Feb 20 - 23

London, AL

ExCel Centre

In 2011, more than 2,500 visitors and an estimated 600 delegates joined us in London for 4 days at the event, which was dedicated to understanding the challenges facing the armoured vehicles community and identifying new solutions to keep crews and vehicles protected in the face of sophisticated operational threats. The event featured 50+ military speakers, and more than 100 exhibitors onsite. With over 40 nations represented, International Armoured Vehicles will provide a truly international perspective on the acquisition, upgrade and operation of armoured vehicles, providing an unparalleled meeting ground for both military and industry to interact and explore new opportunities. Join us for this exciting event in 2012 to network and exchange ideas with the largest, most diverse and most experienced speakers and audience. Visit the website at www.internationalarmouredvehicles.com or enquire at [email protected] For FREE ACCESS to regularly updated podcasts, articles, speaker interviews and presentation, visit the International Armoured Vehicles Resource Centre at http://bit.ly/nYPcrn

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