Dec 08 - 09

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Every day, organizations kick-off projects to support the achievement of strategic objectives. Unfortunately, research shows that as many as 80% of these projects are ultimately unsuccessful! Effective Project Management can actually make the business stronger and ensure strategic goals are consistently met. Whether you are leading a project or serving on a project team, your role has a direct effect on the success of the project – and the organization as a whole. This 2-day course will cover “best practices” in Project Management: those things that the best Project Managers and project teams consistently do (and avoid doing) on their projects. In addition, students will gain a practical understanding of why projects fail – and how to prevent it. The course introduces students to key Project Management concepts and terminology using a hands on, simulation based approach, empowering course participants to immediately put learning to practice.

Project Managers, Project Teams, Functional Managers, Resource Managers, Business Analysts, etc.

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