Aug 24

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Is your critical information safe? Because databases so rarely have adequate protection, hackers and malicious insiders treat them as "one stop shops" for valuable data. Join this Webinar to learn about the principles of database security, activity monitoring, and both pro and reactive intrusion prevention. Learn the answers to important security and compliance questions such as: •Why are agency databases vulnerable? •Who targets agency databases? •When are agency databases most at risk? •Where do compliance regulations, such as FISMA and HIPAA, fit into the database security picture? •What are the benefits of host-based Database Activity Monitoring and Vulnerability Assessment? •How can your agency instantly benefit from the latest security research? And: a live demo of our award winning database security solution, followed by interactive Q&A.

Registration Opens: 08/19/2011 Cost: Complimentary

Contact Name: David Kish

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