Sep 20 - 22

Atlanta, GA

Digital Forensics/Investigations

In addition to 7 hands-on computer labs, 2 "bring your own laptop" labs, and even a "Pizza Night" lab, breakout lectures will feature mobile device forensics, Windows 7 forensics, live forensics, social networking site investigation, mental health for child pornography investigators, and much more. We're also pleased to feature three keynote speakers - Steve Cooley, Los Angeles County District Attorney, Michael Spohn, Foundstone Senior Security Consultant and Patrick Gray, Senior Security Strategist with Cisco Systems. Follow us on on Twitter at, at our Face book group ( and/or our LinkedIn group ( for important updates.

Law Enforcement, Government, Corporate/Private Sector Security and Investigations, Corrections (Probation, Parole, etc.)

Registration Opens: 04/04/2010 Cost: $550 to $650

Contact Name: Carol Hutchings

ph: (916) 408-1751 fx: (916) 408-7543 email: [email protected]

Company Info:

High Technology Crime Investigation Association

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