May 11 - 12

Singapore, AK


The upgrading and modernisation of regional Air Forces is now well under way. Some are opting to fully transform their air power capabilities, some are refining already established strategies, whilst other are looking to upgrade existing fleets in order to bridge the gap between exiting platforms and future platforms. Every Air Force still faces a multitude of challenges. Air Power Asia 2010 will analyse what air power should look like in the Asia Pacific region. Whilst the 2009 event looked exclusively at strike and fighter capabilities, the 2010 edition will take a more comprehensive approach to air power. Whilst national strategic updates will be central to the event, you can also expect specific program presentations, highlighting the most advance programs for the region. You will also be able to explore new technology avenues and understand how they can effectively be rolled out in your Air Force. Moving into 2010 Topics you can expect at the 2010 edition of Air Power Asia include: Strategic/doctrinal viewpoints to enable better asset usage for Air Forces Operational perspectives from regional operators Manned and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for ISR Key technology acquisitions such as AEW and ECM Comparative analysis of 4th and 5th generation platforms for the Asian market Close Air Support Networked communications and interoperability

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