Nov 10

Alexandria, VA

NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE WITH LMP—optimizing business processes after implementation, in the thick of installation, or preparing to make the change from your current legacy system to the new ERP system—it is a huge, visible, and inherently challenging transition. From cleansing data from a legacy system—to a truly actionable strategy involved with aligning LMP with your organization’s business processes and mission requirements supporting the warfighter—to getting your workforce to use LMP as intended, there are many points along the way where the implementation can run off the rails without delivering the intended outcomes. Join Richard Radgoski and Joe Masi on November 10 for a live webcast in which they will present LMP lessons learned from a project management and depot support perspective. The webcast will focus on common pitfalls and best practices during the pre-implementation, go live, and sustainment phases of the LMP life cycle. Attend this complimentary webcast and discover: - The importance of a Program Management Office (PMO) throughout the implementation and beyond - The criticality of master data and important steps to mitigating data issues - Executive sponsorship and communications requirements - Lessons learned from two different implementations Presenters: - Richard Radgoski, Operations Director, Robbins-Gioia Defense Northeast - Joe Masi, Operations Manager, Army logistics, Robbins-Gioia - Bob Floyd, Chief Strategy Officer, Robbins-Gioia Defense Intelligence Division

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