Dec 15 - 17

Tucson, AZ

The summit will include leaders from Army Intelligence, industry, government agencies and the Joint community to discuss the evolution of the Army Intelligence Enterprise and its impact on the way we combat current and emerging threats.
The emergence of technologies like DCGS-A, biometrics and a new family of tactical UAS has flattened our information networks and fundamentally transformed the way that Army Intelligence Soldiers support the warfighting effort in the complex and dangerous environments. The intent of this summit is to examine information technology in the context of various intelligence disciplines. Keynote speakers will bring their insights to the summit as a whole, while breakout panel discussions, featuring experts with a broad range of experience and expertise, will give conference attendees a forum for discussion. We will document the discussion and include into future DOTMLPF assessments that the Intelligence Center produces.

The technologies discussed during plenary session will be demonstrated in the Technology Exposition which opens the night of the 15th with an Ice Breaker. More than 50 solution providers will be exhibiting their technologies and presenting their practical applications for the warfighter.

A minimum SECRET level clearance will be required to attend the briefings for this summit.

Please note: Conference sessions begin on 16 December 2008.

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