Sep 12 - 13

George Washington University, Washington, DC

The Washington, DC Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) started offering Professional Development Seminars in 1968. Traditionally, these seminars have presented high-quality lectures and hands-on learning on topics of current interest to the local IT community for a relatively low cost. The proceeds go to DC ACM, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for meaningful connections between the area’s academics, professionals, and policymakers in the computer science and information technology fields.

Instructor: Mr. Shinn is the Managing Partner for the Chantilly-based Prometheus Group. He has a distinguished Information Security background in both the public and private sectors, and is a regular information security columnist and book author.

Objective: To learn how to set up and configure snort to detect and prevent attacks, and to learn the value of network-based intrusion detection and prevention.

Audience/Expected Skill Level: System and network engineers who are comfortable with the UNIX command line, are familiar with TCP/IP, and have a basic grasp of regular expressions. Labs will be LINUX-based, but advanced LINUX skills are not required.

* Overview of intrusion detection systems/intrusion prevention systems (IDS/IPS)
* Set up snort-based IDS
* Detect and analyze network-based attacks
* Integrate IDS into your current network topology
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Early Bird Deadline – August 22
Regular: $600
DC ACM Member: $570
Student/Senior: $250

Late Registration – after August 22
Regular: $750
DC ACM Member: $720
Student/Senior: $375

The capacity for this seminar is 30 persons. Registration online is required. Checks and credit cards accepted.

Date(s): 09/12/08-09/13/08
Time: 9 am - 4 pm


George Washington University
Tompkins Hall 4th Floor 725 23rd Street NW
Washington, DC

Contact Person: William Fielder (Chair) or Ben Schultz (Registrar)
Phone: (202) 862-4882
Email: [email protected]

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