Sep 29 - 30

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, Alexandria, VA

Airborne Networks promise to revolutionize air traffic control and airborne navigation, as well as move us closer to the real-time, persistent ISR and distributed targeting necessary to make net-centric operations a reality. The development of airborne networks, internets and intranets will depend upon technologies and systems being developed in both the commercial and military markets, and there will be numerous opportunities for cross-over applications.

This conference brings together the key experts who are working on making military airborne networks a reality.

  • What are the latest Service needs and initiatives?
  • What is the status and future of Airborne JTRS?
  • Will key programs like Objective Gateway, BACN, TTNT, JCAN, BTCR, FAST, FAB-T, etc. provide the technical breakthroughs to make real-time into and out of the cockpit (RTIC/RTOC) and the web-enabled cockpit a reality?
  • What are the challenges and emerging solutions in integrating current and future aircraft into the GIG?
  • How can airborne network technologies be exploited for public safety and homeland security missions?
  • What technologies are needed to develop future adaptive, ad-hoc, mobile, broadband, IP-based airborne nets?
  • These and many other critical questions will be examined during this outstanding event.

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