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Ignoring the Warnings

Today there is a far greater and more accurate cyber space threat awareness than ever before. In addition to this critical aspect, we now receive regular reports of threat, attacks and breaches, many of which are in near-real time.

A 2012 report by cyber security provider McAfee stated nearly one in five U.S. PCs are unprotected. In another report it indicated that one recent breach was said to have exposed the account information and passwords of 50 million users. These pieces of information spawned a heated discussion that centered on why businesses and individuals are ignoring all the warnings coming from cyber security professionals and government officials about this growing threat.

So, why is that?

Some say the continuous bombardment we are all getting about this topic has desensitized many to the threat. Others point to the lack of understanding by non-technical executives and common users as the core issue. Cynics say the threat is overstated and this is nothing more than part of a government plan to take control of the Internet and invade further into businesses and the personal lives of U.S. citizens.

On the other side of this issue, one cyber security professional said it is an inconvenient truth that there are no easy or cheap answers to the problem and therefore it is being ignored. Still others in the critical infrastructure segment feel they are not on the hook to address this national security threat because it is the government’s responsibility.

What good are these warning when they are ignored and many basic cyber security practices are not implemented or followed? This has led to calls for a minimal cyber security standard for all equipment/devices connected to the Internet. Is that what awaits all of us?

Posted by Kevin Coleman on Mar 29, 2013 at 9:26 PM

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