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EMP weapons now a reality

An event took place October 2012 in the Utah desert that escaped the attention of most. Boeing successful tested an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) device mounted within a missile. When I first reported on the early development of these weapons back in 2007 many scoffed and claimed all of this hype was pure fiction. Well it became a scientific fact.

The code name give to the program was CHAMP, which stands for Counter-electronics High-power Microwave Advanced Missile Project. A video camera and wiring was shielded and remotely monitored by a room full of computers as the test took place. The video is impressive and I encourage you to watch it. Toward the end of the video the electronics of the camera appears to fails said to be due to the electronic waves penetrating through the unshielded lens.

Here is a link to a Boeing video of a similar, successful test and demonstration of an EMP weapon’s capabilities:

Coverage of this latest, successful EMP test ran in the London Times and the piece made it clear that such an EMP weapon could cripple Iran by destroying its electronic systems. A targeted EMP attack would clearly impact the control system computers and programmable logic controllers used in Iran’s nuclear enrichment program.

Like other cyber weapons, EMPs are weapons of mass disruption. Cyber weapons experts were quick to react to this latest development stating that it’s official, the U.S. Air Force has created and field-tested an EMP weapon. For some time now Iran and North Korea are known to have funded EMP research and development programs and their progress has been thought to be limited.

One has to wonder if the news of this development will prompt other governments to accelerate their development efforts.

Posted by Kevin Coleman on Dec 13, 2012 at 9:26 PM

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