Unleashing Innovation to Serve the Mission

The Technology Modernization Fund’s (TMF’s) core mission is “to enable agencies to reimagine and transform the way they use technology to deliver their mission and services to the American public in an effective, efficient, and secure manner.”

“If done right, the investment fund will generate enough value that two things will happen: it’s proportionately paid overtime through solid [return on investment] management practice and the mission enablement value of the program is so evident that appropriators on the Hill find it very easy to continue to make investments into the fund,” said General Services Administration CIO David Shive

So how can Federal agencies whose projects are launching now — and agencies seeking TMF funding — bring Shive’s vision to fruition, particularly when they face obstacles that transcend specific modernization strategies: IT staffing, mounting technology complexity, and escalating on-premise infrastructure costs?

By making investments in technology that enable flexibility, choice and avoid vendor lock-in.

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