Navy to enhance electronic warfare receivers on board the EA-18G aircraft

Updates to the AN/ALQ-218(V) 2 receiver will allow the Navy’s airborne electronic attack capabilities to detect enemy signals faster.

Army Drones

The Army drone software processes undersea terrain, creates cloud-based 3D maps

The 2017 AUSA Meeting and Expo showed drone technology that can map 3D underwater terrain and turn video in 3D models.


Space awareness, persistence emerge as priorities

Experts urge space council to shift from expensive strategic platforms to agile tactical sensor networks.

Command and Control

Raytheon bets on open-architecture in its new DCGS intelligence analysis platform

Raytheon unveiled its commercial replacement for the services’ distributed common ground system.

Air Forcce B-52

New radar technology lets aircraft sensors penetrate clouds, dust

DARPA has tested synthetic aperture radar technology, letting aircraft sensors operate under almost any weather conditions.


Air Force launches GPS terminal upgrade

New ground stations will leverage jam-resistance signal dubbed M-Code.


Army tests helicopter-based, tube-launched UAVs

The service hopes to field autonomous drones from its rotor-wing aircraft.


Navy upgrades P-8s with Wideband Satellite Communications Radomes

U.S. Navy P-8A aircraft will be equipped with new satellite communications systems.

Defense Systems Update

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