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Army looking for tactical wireless receiving system

The Army, in recognition of the growing importance of electronic warfare capabilities, is in the market for a tactical wireless receiving system small enough to be carried in the field. The service has issued a request for information for the purposes of informing a market strategy to aid in development and procurement. While no award will be provided, the goal is to identify potential future sources.

The cornerstone of the requirement is a capability that performs intelligence, cyber, force protection, counter-unmanned aerial system, and electronic warfare missions in a device within the dimensions of 3 inches by 8 inches by 14 inches and weighing no more than 13 pounds. Additionally, the system must provide support for intercepting and transmitting a variety of analog and digital wireless standards with capacity for processing increasingly complex emerging 4G and 5G protocols such as LTE and HSPA+ along with satellite communications protocols such as Inmarsat. 

Specifications include:

  • Virtual GPP. Hosting of Redhawk as well as other third-party applications on Intel i5 or i7;
  • TFNG Compliant & JICD 4.2 support. Removal of SAW filters;
  • Cyber. Relay Server software providing man-in-the-middle capability;
  • 4G Data Formats. 4G DL/UL coverage with MIMO and Co-Channel Interference Reduction (CCIR) performance enabled by 4 tuners and expanded IF BW (200 MHz);
  • Conventional and 2/3G Formats;
  • Advance Interrogator Techniques. Two transmitter channels enabling WCDMA and LTE push-down interrogation;
  • EW/Force Protection. Suite of features including Reactive Jamming, CTP timing capable, Cellular Denial of Service (DOS), General Purpose Transmit (GPT), and Spoofing.
  • Data Offload. 10GigE and 1GigE interfaces enable Wideband Record and Playback and external third-party applications;
  • Extended Environmental Performance. Supports UAV and ground based operations in severe environments;
  • Power Conservation. Power conservation to provide different tiers of performance depending on customer mission;
  • Anti-Tamper. Removable storage media with Zeroize/Encryption and intrusion alert; and
  • DRT Direction Finding (DF) and Power Amplifier subsystems compatibility

Responses are due by June 2.

About the Author

Mark Pomerleau is a former editorial fellow with GCN and Defense Systems.

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