DARPA calls for new cutting-edge technologies

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Tactical Technology Office is looking for some of the next groundbreaking technologies for land, sea, air and space forces. The agency is Scalling for executive summaries, proposals, and white papers for advanced research of innovative systems, according to a DARPA announcement.

The TTO is designed to create very high-payoff, high-risk revolutionary new platforms, weapons and critical technologies to provide or prevent strategic and tactical surprise.

Some of the programs that the office is responsible for include DARPA’s Robotics Challenge, the Aerial Reconfigurable Embedded System (ARES) and the Legged Squad Support System (LS3). A full list of programs can be found on the DARPA website.

In the current announcement, the office will be focusing on agile systems development, collaborative autonomy and reducing costs in areas including:

  • Ground systems such as soldier/squad technologies, combat vehicles and tactical operations in urban environments.
  • Maritime and undersea systems using surface and subsurface technologies.
  • Air systems such as novel air vehicles and hypersonic platforms.
  • Space technologies, space situational awareness and systems for access.

TTO is aiming to talk to industry leaders that have previous experience in systems engineering, manned/unmanned teaming and autonomous systems.

The office has also scheduled a proposers’ day on May 7. The event will shed light on TTO’s technical objectives, strategy, and portfolio, while allowing contributors to meet with TTO program managers, DARPA said.

“This proposers’ day offers the chance for innovative risk-takers and DARPA to get together and learn from each other where the next huge leaps forward in technology could come from,” said TTO Director Brad Tousley. “The access, community building and collaboration this event will provide are essential to help agency programs become even more successful.” 


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