Man-portable military electronics market worth $2.77 billion in 2013

The global market for man-portable military electronics will be worth $2.77 billion in 2013, according to ASD Reports, a market research firm. In the report, entitled Global Man-Portable Military Electronics Market 2013-2023, ASD analysts predict that U.S. alone will spend about $4.8 billion on devices such as tactical radios, night-vision goggles and miniature UAVs over the next decade.

The defense analyst who led research on the man-portable electronics report explained why the market is likely to see strong growth in the years ahead, even with the drawdown of U.S. and European involvement in Afghanistan, as well as continued financial uncertainty.

“Man-portable electronic devices have witnessed a period of intense investment thanks to the operational requirements of U.S. and coalition troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. A decade of deployment allowed infantry and special forces to test technology designed to increase their survivability and effectiveness in battle, leading to a surge in spending on successful devices.

“Although this era of focused spending aimed at leveling the playing field of asymmetric conflict is coming to an end, the legacy of its research and development will be felt for many years. The mature, battle-proven and increasingly cost-effective technologies which now make up the man-portable military electronics market will drive extremely strong growth in states whose capabilities currently lag far behind leading NATO forces.”

Defense Systems Update

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