What can Syria's Iranian-made drones do (and not do)?

Iranian-built Mohajer 4 drones that the Syrian government has been using to track and target Free Syrian Army rebels appear to have short range and severely limited capability -- if they have any at all -- to transmit video, reports Wired's Danger Room.

The analysis is based on commercial satellite imagery of the unarmed, propeller-driven Mohajer 4 acquired by George Kaplan for his blog Open-Source Geo-Intelligence, the story said. The Mohajer 4 most likely uses control signals radioed from its launch base and, because Damascus does not possess a global satellite communications network, the 10-foot-long drones are likely controlled via line-of-sight radio.
If the Syrians have a 100-foot-tall radio antenna and a UAV flying at an altitude of 300 feet, for example, range of the Mohajer 4 would be about 40 miles.




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