No winner emerges in DARPA's do-it-yourself drone contest

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has declared no winners in its do-it-yourself drone contest known as UAVForge launched in 2011 that sought to create miniature drones that could fit inside a warfighter's backpack, reports Wired's Danger Room blog.

The crowdsourcing initiative drew the attention and participation of 3,500 people on 140 teams that took a stab at designing a portable, affordable spy drone that would be able to “fly to and perch in useful locations at several kilometers’ range for periods of several hours, and provide continuous, real-time surveillance without dedicated or specialized operators.”

On the upside, some teams worked together in a collaborative way and the participants were able to achieve several milestones, including uploading one YouTube video meant to demonstrate their skills and another to demonstrate the flight behavior of their drone, the story said.

What proved the most challenging, and why no winner emerged, was that the teams were unable to succesfully tackle some of the more complex technical challenges, such as sustained surveillance for three hours, vertical takeoff and noise reduction features, the story said.

Reader Comments

Mon, Jul 2, 2012 Dr Stephen Prior London, UK

I think you will find that Team HALO scored the most points and therefore won the competition with 47.7 points out of a possible maximum of 60 points! If you include advanced behaviours, we scored approximately 150 points out of a possible maximum of 200 points. If a military grade SUAV like Shrike could not complete the mission, I think that our system did pretty well.

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