Cyberattacks against Iran herald new era, raise tough questions

The recent news that the Obama administration worked with Israel on a secret cyber weapon program known as "Olympic Games" over the past few years shows that the two countries are willing to use complex cyberattacks against enemies as an alternative to potentially far more deadly kinetic attacks and also signals a new era in warfare, reports the New York Times.

The dawn of the new era of cyber warfare raises a host of questions about how cyber weapons should be used, one of the first of which is whether the United States wants to legitimize them as a covert tool or hold them in reserve for extreme cases. Another key question is whether the nations of the world might eventually want treaties to ban their use.

What must be considered is that using cyberattacks against other nations invites retaliation from those attacked, and it is worth noting that Iran recently announced it was creating an elite "Cybercorps" as part of its military.

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