Next-gen tech offers best answer to military budget dilemma

With smart choices, the United States can build a new military that is more capable and more affordable, writes Gen. Robert Fogleman in a guest blog for the Star-Ledger.

By reducing the nation's active military, which would save hundreds of billions of dollars, and relying more heavily on the National Guard and Reserves, the Defense Department can slash budgets and leave room to continue investing in next-generation technologies that will be sorely needed in the years ahead, writes the retired Air Force chief of staff.

The innovations in intelligence collection and exploitation, reconnaissance, and air and space superiority, to name a few, have enabled the United States in recent years to fight and defeat enemies wherever they are around the globe without having to launch full-scale conventional invasions, Fogleman says.

This is where the United States' edge over its enemies lies, he says, and the Obama administration and Congress need to decide whether to invest in these next-generation technologies or maintain the status quo of the past.

Defense Systems Update

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