Iran putting up a fight in drone wars

The U.S. military might be unsurpassed when it comes to the abilities of its unmanned aerial vehicles, but if Iran has anything to say about it, it won’t let international sanctions stop it from giving the United States and the world a run for its money, and the country is holding a competition to prove it, reports Adam Rawnsley of Wired’s Danger Room blog.

The domestic Homa Sazan drone design contest is giving Iran a boost in the UAV creation department, with as many as 65 teams showcasing their homemade drones – including the Sharapah (or butterfly), a high-altitude drone that can climb to 15,000 feet – in simulated missions, the article notes.

Although Iran does have a tendency to embellish when it comes to its military capabilities, that doesn’t meant the United States shouldn’t be concerned; in 2009, Iran’s Ababil-3 drone had to be shot down over Iraq.

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