Tech allows drone video feeds through eyepiece

Monocle developed by retired soldier pushes lighter carrying loads

The days of wearing clunky, breadbox-sized receivers and having heavy ToughBooks smacking the chest plates of commandos as they run while trying to see drone video footage might just be over with the advent of new eyepiece-based technology, writes Spencer Ackerman at Wired's Danger Room blog.

Looking to lighten soldiers’ carrying loads, former member of the Joint Special Operations Command Kyle Stanbro developed the foot-long Mover-IV radio-like device that receives live drone video and transfers it to a 3-pound, high-resolution, clippable eyepiece, the Vuzix Tac-Eye.

Stanbro, and his partner Clark Dever of Vuzix, are now working on encrypting the video feeds as they are currently unsecured, posing a risk of being intercepted by the enemy.

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