Top 20 defense contractors

Defense contractors headline Washington Technology's Top 100 list

Tightening budgets, new procurement policies, evolving customer demands and a still-shaky economy have the nation's Top 100 goverment contracting companies weighing a combination of acquisitions, restructurings or new offerings in 2010, according to Washington Technology's 2010 Top 100 list of government contractors released May 26.

Defense spending once again fueled significant portions of prime contractors' overall revenues in fiscal 2009. The changing budget picture, as well as management changes at a number of top defense contractors -- including BAE Systems, General Dynamics and Science Applications International -- are expected to have a significant impact on business strategies moving forward.


2011 Top 20 defense contractors

U.S. involvement in southwest Asia continues to drive many of the top defense contractors’ businesses, said company executives interviewed for related stories. Even so, a number are looking to future years and finding that they are best served by building their cyber defense capabilities to prepare for evolving opportunities in that area.  

Below is a list of the top 20 defense contractors, derived from the 2010 Top 100 list, based on their 2009 defense contract revenue.

Rank   Top Defense Companies
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Defense Revenue 
($ Millions - 2009)


1 Lockheed Martin Corp.



2 Northrop Grumman Corp.



3 Boeing Co.



4 Raytheon Co.



5 General Dynamics Corp.



6 KBR Inc.



7 Science Applications International Corp.



8 L-3 Communications Corp.



9 Computer Sciences Corp.



10 ITT Corp.



11 CACI International Inc.



12 BAE Systems Inc.



13 Hewlett-Packard Co.



14 Harris Corp.



15 United Technologies Corp.



16 URS Corp.



17 Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.



18 DRS Technologies Inc.



18 Dell Computer Corp.



20 Rockwell Collins Inc.



Source: Washington Technology - 2010 Top 100

Reader Comments

Sun, Dec 25, 2011 Michael Moore Ga

Is it worth while to invest in defense contractors?

Wed, Jun 23, 2010 Henry Delforn Carpinteria, CA

-TYPO CORRECTED VERSION- The criteria applied to rank the top 20 defense contractors is simply defense-related revenues. Trying to be more specific than "revenues" is really splitting hairs opening up a Pandora’s box of complexity in an attempt to create one's own top 20 list in opposition to Washington Technology's research. If HP & Dell derive their revenues from military sector, then they are defense contractors, it's that simple. It should be no surprise, Agilent is in a similar category yet not a top 20. I think that by doing your own research you can probably answer the rest of your questions if you choose to split hairs. I will say this, however, based on my own research I have come to the general conclusion that companies that continually move up this list are firm believers and practitioners of Lean Manufacturing practices. The case of ITT Corp. in particular is simply astonishing. Implementation of Lean and Six Sigma are among the most competitive tools any large company can use to get larger. Henry G. Delforn, Carpinteria, CA

Tue, Jun 8, 2010 Edmond Hennessy United States

Just curious - what is the criteria applied to rank the TOP 20 Defense Contractors? Although it is clear that technology firms like HP & Dell derive revenue from the Government/Military sectors - hard to classify them, as Defense Contractors. Also, given that BAE Systems is #12 on the list - does that only factor in their ranking in the US Market or Worldwide? Lastly, given the reference to revenue - what percentage of the total do the first 5 Defense Contractors represent?

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