Land Warrior/Mounted Warrior/Air Warrior

Network-centric warfare, from boots on the ground to guns in the air


Helmet display — includes wireless local-area network antenna, radio microphone and earpiece, and head-mounted display (HMD).

Fighting load vest — includes Global Positioning System receiver, dead-reckoning navigation system, batteries, hub to connect other components, computer and Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio.

Soldier Control System — worn on a vest. It includes a joystick and programmable mouse buttons to control systems displayed in HMD and a Subscriber Identity Module card reader.

Weapon — includes M4 Carbine with Daylight Video Scope (DVS), Thermal Weapon Site, multifunction laser and programmable buttons to allow users to control the system without removing their hands from the weapon.

Software — includes digital video and zeroing system (linked to DVS on the weapon), maps, echelon selection, a send-image function and weapon-sighting capability.


Mounted Warrior helmet subsystem — includes HMD that shows Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade and Below (FBCB2) situational awareness and Blue Force Tracking data. It also includes links to video feeds from Stryker-based Driver's Vision Enhancer, Remote Weapon System, video display terminal, Display Control Module, advanced audio headset and microphone, and an adapter to connect the headset to a biochemical suit mask.

Stryker Vehicle Integration Kit — includes video interfaces between Stryker systems and Mounted Warrior communications gateway that includes intercom and Enhanced Position Location Reporting System connections to dismounted units, Joint Tactical Radio System connections to FBCB2 situational awareness and Blue Force Tracking data and Army Battle Command System, and battery recharging racks to recharge units drained during dismounted operations.


Microclimate cooling system.

Electronic Data Manager — digital connectivity and situational awareness.

Aircraft Wireless Intercom System — wireless intercom linking all members of a single aircrew.

Body armor.

Survival, escape and evasion tools.

Overwater survival tools.

Under development — Air Warrior Modular Integrated Helmet Display System to replace tablet-style kneeboard interface.

Defense Systems Update

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